Invitation to participate in international theater workshop

The 10 participants of the workshop will be selected from the candidates by the Czech Centrum. The Czech Centrum covers the costs of participation in the workshop worth 20.000 HUF, and a 4-day pass including tent ticket for the Y.EAST festival per person. The tent ticket provide only the place for a tent, however the tent is not included. The workshop participants have to cover their transport by themselves. Participants have to reach 18 years of age.

Date: 2016. June 30 – July 3

Application deadline (with fulfilled application form, motivation letter and professional CV): 2016. June 20

Location: Theater Base Zsámbék

Language of workshop: English

Workshop will be directed by the members of Circus TeTy

The whole tender and the application form is available here:

Application form

Acrobat workshop on tape and rope

The workshop recommended for beginners and medium-advanced skiers. In four days we take different types of climbing, orientation in the air, tricks of acrobatics in solo and in pairs, focus placed on security and expression. The warm-up and the subsequent provision also seeks to acrobat preparation of the body.

The members of Cirkus TeTy are the new circus in the Prague center, CIRQUEON experienced instructors. They participated in several Czech and foreign acrobats’ workshop, in the past five years they also organize acrobat workshops by themselves for children and adults, and create them own specialized artistic productions in the new circus.